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About Regression Hypnotherapy

Spirituality can be defined as our personal relationship to that which is greater than ourselves....

Spirit Life Hypnotherapy is devoted to assisting individuals in opening to,
and accessing the hidden realms of the unconscious
where we retain the bigger picture which is hidden to us in our everyday reality.

 Each of us is so much more than the physical aspect we can see and feel.
 We are combination of energies, experiences and learning
of countless previous lives which embody a variety of lessons
our inner, eternal self seeks for growth and development.

 That core, eternal self, which continually searches for growth and new levels of understanding, is our soul self.  

Regardless of where you are on your journey of understanding yourself
and relating to the world in which you live,
Spirit Life Hypnotherapy serves to awaken your understanding of your
 immortal identity.

  We're here to assist you in having a more complete perception of who you really are, at the soul level. 

 Wisdom and insights flow forth as the sum total of your past lives,
including the collaboration of your soul with other souls
and with its guides and teachers, provide illumination into what you are learning now.

Get a sense of the eternity of your soul...and an end to the fear of physical death, through
Spirit Life Hypnotherapy...




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"I like the silent church before the service begins, better than any preaching"

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson