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About Suzanne...

Suzanne Campbell is a certified Master Regression Hypnotherapist as well as certified by The Newton Institute in Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy.  She holds a Master of Divinity degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is an ordained minister with The Wisdom of the Heart Church.  She is also certified in pastoral counseling through the American Society of Alternative Therapists and certified in Transformative Mediation, Grief Support Counseling and a certified Advocate for Survivors of Domestic Violence.  


Early in the early 1990’s I began my healing journey by Awakening my Light Body as taught by Duane Packer and Sanya Roaman.  Through working with the Light Body, I became accustomed to interdimensional traveling, connecting with my own guides and wise beings as well as living from expanded states of consciousness.  From this platform, I began my training in holistic/metaphysical counseling in a variety of applications and modalities.  

While many of the certifications I hold are in counseling, I’ve always had an aversion to the word ‘counselor’ because it implies a ‘power-over’ model as if one person directs another in what to think, feel or do.  I feel the word is quite applicable in law, but not relevant in facilitating the psycho-spiritual realm.   So I’ve struggled for a better verb to describe a metaphysical process of guidance that empowers others to find their own truth and live elegantly within that.  I prefer to think of myself as an educator, from the Latin ēdūcere which means 'to draw or to bring out'. 

Through spiritual regression hypnotherapy, everyone can receive their own answers without looking to another source.

"It keeps coming back to the same thing – it’s within.
  It’s not out there in some person or profit or anyone else – it’s here.
  We can spend a lifetime seeking answers from a priest or minister
or rabbi or psychic, or we can find the answers we seek
through our own inner experience." -- Paul Aurand

Most people want to know who they really are and why they’re in this world and helping them retrieve those answers feels worthwhile to me.

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"As long as we strive to keep our emotions in a box, by reducing our wonderful, elaborative world of thoughts and feelings to only 'positive and powerful' ones, we are still separated from self."

-- Chuck Hossfeld