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     "I had a profound PLR and LBL session with Suzanne Campbell.  Understanding previous lifetimes and seeing the overall theme of several lifetimes offered powerful insights into events and situations in this lifetime, even to the point of emotional healing of some of those events.  There is something tremendously exciting about understanding "life purpose" from an eternal point of view! 

Suzanne was an artful and very professional therapist.  Having the recordings of the sessions was invaluable, as well.  To be able to go back and re-experience some of the inspirations received during the regression is invaluable.  I highly recommend  Suzanne to anyone interested in PLR or LBL regression therapy, and I highly recommend the therapy to anyone wishing to understand how the events of this lifetime fit into their eternal journey." -  D.M., Lovettsville, VA


"I had such an amazing time with you, it was very deep and eye opening experience. I have Googled Wamba in Australia and found out that 200 years ago there used to be a Wamba Wamba indegenous tribe in Australia and people looked exactly as I saw one in my regression - very powerful." - R.S., Palo Alto, CA                                                                                                                                      

"This experience has had a profound effect!  I want to thank you deeply for this service!  It is a wonderful gift!  Throughout the night and this morning, I continue to dwell in the spirit world and am learning more and more lessons and connections. The biggest: I have thought of myself mostly as a healer. Not true. I am a teacher. {I've realized that} becoming an LBL facilitator is more teaching than healing, and not from an elevated podium of some kind — which I dislike. Teaching is and should be encouraging people to learn for themselves. This is what you do.  Thank you! "  - B.G., Los Gatos, CA 


"Thank you very much, Suzanne!  You did a great job with this!  What a delight to get the transcript - I am going to enjoy it right now.  With love and respect." - K.M., Lovettsville, VA


"Since the session, a number of things in my life have started working out nicely, especially ones to do with work.  My day-to-day challenges seem to be dwindling.  I feel like I'm headed towards a destination that I want to be at."  - C.E., Arlington, MA                                                                  


"Suzanne, you never imagine how powerful is your wonderful job in many people's life. You helped me to find peace in my soul. I used to cry all the time because I did not understand the reason to be in this earth. I did not know why I had many hard experiences since my childhood, I asked everyday to my god and angels why I am here. It was like I was talking to the walls, no answers. Until I met you everything changed now. I am enjoying every day, I am experiencing every single moment in full, I admire everything around me more than before.  I always feel connected since little girl to something very powerful because that power gave me the understanding to see the beauty of life, but now I observe everything around me the sky, the moon, the stars, the bay, clouds, animals, etc., with respect and admiration for being in a  perfect creation and part of our daily life. For example, birds, squirrels, butterflies, ladybugs, dogs, cats and all animals are perfect example of perfection how they survive everyday.  Some people do not even see them. LBL helped me to change my point of view of my existence and to be more connected with my inner soul. The elders and my angels gave me all the answers I needed to know and it meant a lot to me."   - M.R., Richmond, CA




"Thank you again for the session, it was really helpful for me and I have definitely been thinking a lot about it since. I am looking forward to listening to it as I know there are pieces I don't remember well.  You are a great facilitator and had me more relaxed than any other hypnotherapist ever has." - K.B., Burlingame, CA                                                                                                                                                                                                   

"I have always been one to search for answers
As strange things happen in my life, and I take those chancers
And some days I feel so disconnected from what…?
Not sure - is it stupid decisions or not saying no, like a slut?

So again, I searched for answers and found Suzanne
With her extensive background, training and understanding, I met with her
We discussed my wanderings, concerns and went to workin’
On me and my anxiety of past, present and future

Slowly like straining onion juice I found a part of it
Made sense it did, all falls into place, still a bit contorted
Yet with given new direction, I had hope as I sorted
My inner mysteries of me, un-left to be, grief be rid."

David Wensloff - 5-12-18

"I wrote this after my first session with Suzanne Campbell with her magic ability to help people see what connections within are important to focus on to reunite and retain that oneness in self.  An awesome experience!!!"                                                                                                                                                  


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"In all tests of character, when two viewpoints are pitted against each other, in the final analysis, the thing that will strike you the most is not who was right or wrong, strong or weak, wise or foolish... but who went to the greater length in considering the other's perspective."  
-- Mike Dooley